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New CBD Gel Capsules

CBD Gel Capsules

“Magic Encapsulated”


CBD Gel Capsules have finally arrived at Delivery Meds and we couldn’t be happier! CBD capsules are a fun, convenient way to take your cannabis medicine without worrying about any of the negative associations of cannabis flowers. That is, CBD capsules have no pungent aroma to scare you away. CBD capsules can’t spill like oil tinctures do and they can come in easy to control portions! Whatever your pain might be, there’s a good chance that using a CBD capsule will be the neatest and friendliest to use method of providing grade A relief.

What are the alleviating properties?

What makes CBD products, especially capsules, sought after with such determination, is their mixed bag elixir effects. That is, CBD has long been the product of many medical journal research and documentation, and the evidence is clear: CBD can reduce pain and increase relief. This includes pain relief aliments such as: General aches and pains, nausea, vertigo, epilepsy, MS, Parkinson’s and more. There is plenty of video evidence for this well, to witness with your own eyes.

Differences between Capsules and Tinctures

You might be wondering whether capsules and tinctures are they same product, just in different forms. The truth is that there are differences between the two that might matter to you. Firstly, Capsules don’t necessarily have to be made with a CBD oil. It is common to happen, but it is sometimes the case that you’ll find CBD powdered capsules instead. Ours so happen to be made with gel capsules and an oil.

It’s important to note that this is a subtle difference. Another difference is that when you take the tincture oil, you must also be prepared to taste the cannabis flavour as well. That can be a major obstacle, especially if you find yourself already disliking the cannabis smell. The taste is no better for you.

The largest and most noticeable difference you can expect between capsules and their oily counterpart, is the ingestion period. It noticeably takes a longer while for CBD capsules to take effect compared to tinctures and oils. This is because when you take ingest a capsule, it will have to travel through your body and process before the CBD is released into your system. Tinctures generally are quicker to feel effects because it is taken sublingually, i.e.: under the tongue.

What are the benefits of CBD capsules?

What’s fantastic about CBD capsules is primarily their ingestion is incredibly simple. They’re compact and easy to adjust into your routine if you already have supplements and vitamins as part of your diet. Simply ad one capsule into the mélange and you won’t have to worry about anything else. Since each dose comes in a pre-prescribed size, there is literally no work for you to do.

Unlike oils of flowers (which tend to have more THC than CBD, but isn’t always the case), CBD is travel friendly. Capsules do not have a chance of stinking your travel bag up or drawing unwanted attention your way (even if it is already legal in­ Canada). This is a major benefit, considering the power behind the CBD pain relief characteristic.


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