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Weed Delivery During COVID-19

Weed Delivery During COVID-19

When you can’t rely on brick and mortar stores, Mail Order Marijuana businesses will always have your back. When it comes customer safety, DeliveryMeds recognizes that steps must be taken to prevent exposure and the spread of COVID-19. We understand that times are tough all around our society these days, even the greatest and most inconvenient of pleasures has proven to be inconvenient to the safety of our health. Therefore, DeliveryMeds provides safe and discrete weed delivery to your doorstep.

This pandemic has had a real effect on the marijuana industry, seeing stores from Vancouver to Montreal with line ups down the block and around the corner. This is where Mail Order Marijuana businesses like us play at an advantage and play ahead of the curve.

What advantages are these? They’re simple, yet significant, if you think about it. We’ll go through the list with you.

Why We Choose Weed Delivery?

Social Distancing

The first and maybe most important benefit of ordering quality shatter, bud and extracts from MoM’s like ours, is that we naturally in a place to adhere to social distancing measures. In a store, customers browse, staff will take the item from behind the counter and show it to the customer. In some cases, the customer will hold the product to examine it closer before returning it to the hand of the budtender. They in turn will put it back behind the case and repeat with the next customer until that item is sold. With DeliverMeds, our items are prepackaged and not touched by other customers. It goes straight from our store to your door.

No Line-ups

This seems a bit more obvious, but it shouldn’t go without saying. When going to the cannabis stores you may be dissuaded by the longer than normal line ups. This has to do with newly enforced social distancing where only a set amount of people which are allowed in a store at any given time, 2 meters apart. While commendable and a necessary precaution, this often makes the customer wait outside. Lines can even go down the block! Customers will now have to wait outside in the changing weather: snow, rain, high winds, just to get their cannabis restocked.

Minimal Contact

No Line ups naturally means minimal contact with others. No waiting in the varying Canadian weather. No waiting behind that guy with the running nose and sniffles behind you. If you want to avoid the crowds, then rest assured with Delivery Meds. Between packaging and delivery, you will be the only other person whose hands have touched their product.

High Quality Weed Delivery

If after all these reasons, you still are willing to go into a physical store for your cannabis, then consider our greatest benefit: fresh, high quality cannabis. From our Indica and sativa strains, to our delicious edibles, vaporous concentrates, DeliveryMeds has a reputation for quality top-shelf cannabis. If you’re willing to travel and wait in a line full of people during this crisis for mediocre cannabis, then surely staying at home and having quality, THC rich buds delivered to your door is an obvious choice.

How You Get Your Weed Delivered?

New protocols are being introduced across industries to help mitigate the effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus and keep your products delivered safe and securily, with minimal interaction. MoM’s have stepped up to the challenge like never before and have been fulfilling an increase in orders. Don’t put yourself at risk. Stay home. Stay safe. Let DeliveryMeds bring your what you need! Don’t forget to visit our store!

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