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AAAA Biscotti


Strain: AAAA Biscotti

Species: 20% Sativa / 80% Indica

THC/CBD Levels: 21% THC, less than 2% CBD.

Flavour Profile: Bakery fresh, buttery aroma


  • Stimulates creativity and motivation
  • Helps with stress, depression and anxiety


  • Cerebral high
  • Relaxed and fuzzy
  • Creativity

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An indica dominant hybrid with an 80% indica / 20% sativa split, Biscotti strain is perfect for cookie lovers seeking a giggly high.

It is created by crossing Gelato#22 with South Florida OG. These small, dense nuggets are absolutely covered in trichomes, producing a uniquely beautiful bud. Its dark green coloration has a purple tint that accentuate the orange hairs tufting out.

Just like the biscuits from which it takes its name, Biscotti has a sweet, sugary flavor. With hints of cinnamon leading into a slightly bitter aftertaste. It’s almost as if you’ve dipped your cookie into a black coffee.

Producing a bakery fresh, buttery aroma, the sweetness combines with a slightly earthy smell. This gives it a more grounded overall aroma.

THC level of it is around 21% and less than 2% CBD. Biscotti strain is a deceptively strong strain, despite its appealing flavor.

It provides a cerebral high that can leave you feeling relaxed and fuzzy. This happy euphoria translates perfectly into a creative, heady buzz. It can help alleviate stress and reduce depression and anxiety. Its stimulating impact can also be great if you’re suffering from a lack of creativity or motivation.

As result, the uplifting influence of Biscotti, free from any lethargic effects, make it an ideal strain for a night hanging with friends.

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