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Rick Simpsons Curious Claim

Rick Simpson’s Curious Claim: How Cannabis Helped Him Cure Cancer?

When Cannabis was still an illicit substance, a curious video surfaced on the internet regarding a man from a small Nova Scotian town in Canada. The man is Rick Simpson who was working at a hospital at the time as an engineer. He had an accident while doing some maintenance in the hospital boiler room and hit his head. He was rushed into the emergency and was able to be treated. Though he was unable to get rid of dizzy spells and a constant ringing in ears. The tinnitus had persisted for years and no medicine seemed to work.

He came across a documentary which revealed positive benefits of cannabis, prompting Simpson to pursue the issue further. His doctor didn’t seem to advocate for its use and refused to entertain the notion. Nothing stopped Simpson and he soon found his own source for medical marijuana.

He claims that it has been of tremendous relief since he has been using cannabis.

Unfortunately, soon after Simpson also started to develop forms of skin cancer. He was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma in 2003. After some grief, Simpson decided to place bets on cannabis once more. He decided to do his research and came across a study by the NCI, the National Cancer Institute. This study discussed the effects of THC to help kill cancer cells in mice. You can find the journal online today.

For Simpson, this was an outstanding discovery and worth further investigation. He decided to apply a cannabis oil topically to his cancerous spots. Leaving them on for a few days to maximize their effect. Amazingly, after four days of constant application, when Simpson removed the bandages, the cancerous growths seem to have disappeared! What a miracle.

Navigating Stigma

While Simpson was riding a wave of euphoria over his discovery, Simpsons physician was more skeptical and refused to acknowledge that the cannabis had worked. It could not be a suitable alternative to conventional cancer treatment.  Undeterred, her persevered on his own.

He started to do research and began growing his own cannabis to develop a unique cannabis concentrate: RSO, or Rick Simpson oil. Not only has Simpson created this oil, through his new personal goals he has help treat more than 5,000 patients with his special RSO.

His discovery, more of a mainstream notion now, that cannabis oil helps treat illnesses way better than any pharmaceutical could. He claimed that he was able to cure his own skin cancer. This is the legacy Rick Simpson has had on the cannabis industry. His discovery has made large waves in the medical community.

A Major Discovery of Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson had discovered the holy grail for cancer treatment, and while its no surprise now that cannabis oils have preventative features, Rick still had many setbacks. At the time, the government of Canada and even local municipalities had a negative outlook towards cannabis use, even for medical reasons. Today we know better. While some doctors are still on the fence about treating illnesses with cannabis, it is without a doubt popular and widely believed to aid with pain reduction.

Whether Rick Simpson is ahead of the game or not remains to be proven by popular science. In the meantime, it’s essential that you obtain your cannabis oil from a reputable source. Aurora sells certified and identifiable capsules to help with your medical needs. Always consult with your doctor before considering medical cannabis capsules or oils.

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