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Explaining Cannabis Use to Your Children

Explaining Cannabis Use to Your Children

In the not so long ago past, many parents had to hide their usage of cannabis from their children.
Now with the legalization in Canada, we can now be more open and honest about it. We should start thinking about explaining cannabis use to our children.
Much like consuming alcohol, it is important to not become too stoned when you are in your day to day parental duties. Children do not react well to seeing their parents inebriated.
It is important to maintain composure and function well, while around your children. To set a good example about using cannabis, everything you show them lays the template to how they feel adults “function”.

As a parent, it is ideal to be open and honest with your children; and cannabis is no exception. Even though you use it to treat a physical or mental condition, it is imperative for children to see only the positives. When children are smaller, they wont really understand. However, as they get older they will start to notice. If you use it in a purely medicinal value, you should explain it as such.
The psychology of hiding things from your child only creates an air of mystery. This sometimes is appealing for children, or shows them you are doing something wrong.
Explaining “it helps my migraines” or “It makes my back pain go away, and it is my natural medicine” are great ways to convey your cannabis use.

By taking away the stigma of cannabis, we can show the future generations that when used responsibly, it can be a useful tool to manage daily life. Responsible use of cannabis means; someone of legal age and adhering to the laws set forth by legalization of Canada’s cannabis act.

An open dialog about CBD, THC, and how it all works helps your children with the best information to make their own decisions towards the subject.
It’s very important that you keep your cannabis products away from children such as you would alcohol or medications. Its very important we are responsible on this to avoid accidental intoxication.

If you use edibles, they do in fact look like treats. Therefore, it’s important your children know that this is not a treat. Furthermore, you need to keep it stored in a place where they cannot access it.
Show the children the THC or CBD labeling, and inform them if they see those symbols on any type of packaging, that it is not to be ingested.

If we all do our part, we can end the stigmatization of cannabis usage for future generations. We rear children who have a good understanding of how this is an amazing and helpful plant.