working out and cannabis

Working Out and Cannabis

Working Out and Cannabis

Working out and cannabis seems counter intuitive to some. However, so many studies have concluded that it can be an extremely helpful addition to your workout regiment.

When we delve into to the studies and how it works, it is remarkable what a vital role cannabis has. It aids recovery, proper sleep and how our endocannabinoid receptors work.
Researchers know that working out can put a great deal of stress on your body from fatigue and micro tears on the muscle fibers of target areas. This manifests as soreness and cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, has impact on suppress pro-inflammatory cytokines. In other words, CBD could reduce the inflammation of sore muscles, aid in restful sleep and faster recovery.
THC from a sativa can increase focus, motivation. Moreover, it adds to the endorphin rush we all feel during workout and post workout.
In weightlifting- focus is imperative to utilizing perfect form, the better your form, the less you will be prone to injury.

Picking the right strains for working out is the key to success:

You will want to use a sativa that is high in THCV. This compound decreases appetite and can put you in a fasted state long before you train. Furthermore, it energizes you and motivates you to get in there and train hard.
Post workout you are going to want a hybrid high CBD. That is leaning more on the indica side. The effect of post training soreness will be drastically reduced as well as appetite for your post workout feeding will be increased. Make sure you are eating clean. Check your macro breakdown of carbs, protein and fats to build muscle.
If you are bulking, we all know how difficult it can be to get the clean calories needed to gain muscle. A good high CBD indica is key to meeting those caloric goals.
When you are in a cutting phase- the high THCV strains can work as an appetite suppression tool, and combine them with intermittent fasting. Doing this can get you your ideal body fat % goal in a healthy and enjoyable way.

In a study by Dr. Bryan from the University of Colorado, has concluded an almost Pavlovian response to using Cannabis with exercise exists. She states: “people say they enjoy exercise with cannabis, which could create a positive feedback loop that motivates them to go back to the gym”. She says: “If something feels good, you’re going to want to do it again.”.

Cannabis usage in sport is more wide spread than people realize:

Olivier Rabin, WADA’s senior science director, explained the agency’s cannabis ban in a 2011 paper co-authored by a researcher from the US National Institute on Drug Abuse. He acknowledges that the scientific evidence is shaky. Rabin says “that the wealth of testimonies from athletes who admit to using cannabis to enhance their performance can’t be ignored.”

He goes on to say “For example, goalkeepers in football say that cannabis increases their focus, helping them drown out the many distractions in the stadium. Athletes in other sports, such as skateboarding and skiing, say that cannabis reduces competition anxiety that can hinder performance”.

Cannabis might not enhance performance at all doses and in all situations. However, its use could be advantageous in many circumstances. One thing to note is that the pre workout, THC should be in moderation. You do not want to feel too inebriated, going to the gym very high is not something most people can manage.

Try it out for yourself and see how working out and cannabis work together. Check DeliveryMeds high quality products and stay healthy and fit.