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AAA Rainbow Driver


Strain: Rainbow Driver

Species: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

THC/CBD Levels: 17-21% THC – no CBD

Flavour Profile: Sweet, fruity taste


  • Perfect for chronic pain and muscle tension
  • Helps with ADHD and anxiety


  • Measured sense of euphoria
  • Creativity

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An incredibly eye-catching hybrid, Rainbow Driver is made by crossing Dancehall and Blueberry strains.

A perfectly balanced 50/50 sativa and indica split, this true hybrid is a compact, fast flowering strain with little side-branching.

It gets its name from the vast array of colors that it displays towards the end of flowering and it prospers when grown in the ‘sea of green’ style of quick harvesting.

With a THC content of 17-21% and little to no CBD, Rainbow Driver initiates a balanced high that provides bursts of creative mental output. It also delivers a measured sense of physical euphoria throughout the body, without leaving you lethargic and unable to move.

Its cerebrally stimulating qualities make it a beneficial aid for those with ADHD. It can also help anyone wrestling with lack of focus or anxiety. The mild body high can also ease chronic pain and muscle tension.

In addition to its bright coloration, Rainbow Driver also has a sweet, fruity taste. Not too dissimilar to tropical candy, you can almost taste the colors of its name.

Rich terpenes also make for a pleasant, pungent smoke that has a sweet fragrance. This aroma, combined with its energizing properties, produce a strain perfect for daytime usage.


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