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Top 5 Ways to Smoke Shatter Weed Like a Pro (Or Not)

Shatter is in the running for the top spot when it comes to cannabis concentrates. Everybody wants it, and everybody is on the hunt for the next best made. It has a golden/amber hue and the status among cannabis users to match. It’s perhaps the most potent cannabis extract ever produced, sometimes boasting a cannabinoid content of THC/CBD (together or isolated depending on the strain) of up to 98%+. That’s high – as will you be.

Here are the top 5 best ways for how to smoke shatter. 

Sprinkled Into a Joint

The most basic method is to sprinkle it into a joint. Because shatter has a sticky, glass-like consistency, you may want to use tweezers or some type of small pin or other grasping device to place it neatly into your weed joint. Otherwise it will stick to your fingers, making the odds of dropping your joint more likely, meaning all that work grinding and filling the paper has been wasted. And if you already are, it might be harder to start again.

An Oil Rig

An oil rig is by far the most common method to smoke shatter for more experienced concentrate aficionados. Most rigs are made of glass, and have a near solid steel (or some other metal depending on the design) bowls that differ slightly from traditional bongs. 

The bowls are made like a solid bowl without a hole in the bottom, and feature slits around the edges that allow for air to flow freely. As you inhale, the smoke from the shatter is sucked into the side slits as the now liquid shatter burns in the bowl and evaporates.

This design makes for a much safer way to consume shatter as there is virtually no risk of hot burning material to shoot into the glass bong and into your lungs – OUCH!

Dry Herb Vape

Shatter can also be used in a dry herb vape, since it tends to leave little to no residue when it’s burned (or in this case evaporated).

The reason it burns so cleanly is because all the plant matter has been taken out in the manufacturing process, leaving for a very clean product, and a clean device when you’re done smoking it.

The key to doing this well is to set your vape to the highest temperature it can go too, and only use a tiny dab at a time. Remember, a pinhead’s worth is still 98% THC – so take it slow. It hits harder than you think it could and it’s easy to overdo it.

Hot Knife

Now we go into the realm of the less pro, but still viable methods of smoking shatter. The hot knife method has been around for a long time. We’ve all had that time where we had either hash or leftover resin we wanted to smoke, but didn’t have papers or pipes handy.

The solution? Heating a butter knife on the stove, and keeping one cool one, and keeping your fingers clear of the heat.

Place a pinhead worth of shatter on the cool knife, and use the stove element (or any suitable heat source) to heat the other knife to near red hot. Once you see it’s hot enough, place your face a few inches above your two knives, press them together and suck in the smoke coming off of them from the shatter. 

Crude, but effective.

Glass Pipe

Finally, we have our humble glass pipe method. This is perhaps the easiest method out of all the others we listed, with the exception of the oil rig (although the pipe is typically more cost effective).

The best way to do this is to again take a roughly pin-sized amount of shatter, place it on the edge of the bowl (not in the hole, since it might send superheated material into your mouth), and use a small torch lighter. 

Simple, and effective. 


Can you think of any other good methods besides pipes, joint spinklings, oil rigs or hot knives for how to smoke shatter?

Leave a comment and let us know!