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Firebar S’mores


Flavor: Chocolate Smores

THC: 140 mg THC per pack.


Helps with:

  • Apatite loss
  • Increase brain function


  • A long lasting body buzz
  • Induce feelings of euphoria
  • Sedating body

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A delectable way to consume, Firebar Smores taste as good as they make you feel.

Ideal for those looking to medicate without smoking or inhaling, these bars are convenient and delicious.

Firebar Smores contains 140 MG of THC distillate per pack and smothered in top quality chocolate. You can enjoy these bars without tasting or smelling the cannabis.

Breaking apart into three segments, you can control how much you consume. Something worth baring in mind given the relatively high level of THC. Of course, it’s especially important to remember this when losing yourself in the chocolatey goodness.

Because the high can take slightly longer to kick in with edibles, it’s worth waiting at least an hour in between pieces. This can help prevent overconsumption and is particularly recommended for beginners. Just like regular chocolate, it’s best to have some level of restraint!

Providing a long-lasting buzz, these edibles can help induce feelings of euphoria, whilst sedating your body. Beneficial in more ways than one for those suffering with appetite loss, the potent compound can also help increase brain function.

With other cannabis chocolate available to try from Firebars Canada, including products with vegan friendly and gluten free ingredients, they’re the perfect edibles for anyone with a sweet tooth.


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