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Cannabis sales back to Pre-Covid Levels

Buying Online Weed is Better: Sales Back to Pre-Covid Levels

The COVID-19 did a number on the global economy and now, buying online weed is a new trend!

How did people react to cannabis when the COVID-19 hit? They moved online, while retail stores saw a minor jump, the overall sales seem to have slumped. Though now that the economy is back on track, investors are more familiar and confident with the markets position, and while sales seem to have jumped back to pre-COVID numbers, Canadian cannabis sales continue to outperform most of the economy.

Cannabis’ proves a tough weed to stamp out.

COVID-19 has unintentionally demonstrated how beneficial cannabis can be to the Canadian economy. Already it seem that 2020 is going to be an even more fruitful and productive year for the cannabis industry. Hiring for facilities and dispensaries has been increasing and people are buying cannabis online at higher levels than even before the pandemic hit. The COVID-19 crisis exacerbated the demand for cannabis, even while fears grew that the industry would be shut down indefinitely.

Buying Online Weed

While many believe the cannabis market will grow, they often fail to consider Mail Order Marijuana businesses like Delivery Meds. Delivery Meds has been working non-stop to fulfil our online orders. While we can’t speak for other, less reputable MoM, DeliveryMeds volume of customers increased during this period. Customers understood that it’s much safer and practical to buy cannabis online through a MoM like hours, then it was to go into a retail store who was still figuring out the proper protocols.

A Green Economy
Why put yourself at risk by going to a dispensary, especially when flu season is on it’s way? Order all the cannabis essentials you’ve come to love. From our amazing Rosin selection (Blueberry Kush Rosin, Cheese Rosin and Rockstar Rosin) to our unbeatable Hashish choices (Blueberry Cheesecake Hash, UK Cheese Hash and Concentrated Rockstar Hash and much more!) these are the kinds of products customers have been interested throughout the pandemic.

They know they can avoid long line ups, crowded spaces, unmindful customers and simply have Delivery Meds pack their order safely and ship it. You’ll receive your order in no time and you didn’t even have to put yourself in harms way.

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    I have been ordering from Delivery Meds for two years now. They are a great company and will always reply to any email questions I ever had. Fast shipping across Canada you can’t beat it. Keep up the good work guys!!

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    I have been ordering from delivery meds for a few years now best customer service and very good quality items at good prices awesome job goes out to delivery meds team !!!!

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